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> Satin Ice - Instructional videos

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Specific Projects:

> How to make Modeling Chocolate by Angela Tran @ Sugar Sweet Cakes and Treats

> Gelatin Art by Diane Simmons @ Cake Connection

> Contemporary Introduction to Wafer Paper Molding (Also Cocoa Butter Painting) by Lisa Berczel at Chef Rubber

> How to Make Feathers using Wafer Paper by Julie Hill from Layers Cake

> How to make Tiny Sugar Shoes by Frances McNaughton on YouTube

> Modeling a Small Arm by Frances McNaughton on YouTube

> How to make a Tire Cake by CaljavaInt on YouTube

> Castle Cake Tutorial by CakeBoss

> Gumpaste Butterflies by Mireille's Sugar Flowers

> Striped Cake by Monika (Originally written in German, translated after each step)