Thursday, August 23, 2012

August Meeting

Hello, Sugar Artists! Can you believe August is almost over already?
We have got some catching up to do!

 If you couldn't attend our June meeting, you missed out on some amazing cake deals! The ladies all went to Orange Park for close-out prices on cake supplies. What a fun night!
In July, all our attending members (including a couple new ones-Welcome!) headed over to Mina's Bakery on San Jose and were treated to some of the most delicious desserts in Jacksonville! Yummy!

This month's meeting is getting close enough to smell.....and it will smell wonderful because we'll be decorating dozens of cupcakes for the kids at the Normandy Community Center! We still need cupcakes, frosting and fondant, so if you would like to contribute, please leave a comment below or contact Judy. As always, we could also use any donations for the kids' birthday parties such as paper plates, items for goody bags, birthday cards, etc. Or, if you'd rather volunteer your time, you could do so at the birthday parties themselves! Again, contact Judy for any additional info.

One more note to let you know how fast this year is going is time to sign up for the Gingerbread Extravaganza!
Last year had so many amazing entries and you can see the pictures here. I would love to see what you all could come up! If you are interested, please contact Emily Lisska of the Jacksonville Historical Society by phone (904-665-0064) or email:
and Good Luck to all who enter!

Hope to see you ladies soon!

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