Friday, April 29, 2011

Cottage Food Act PASSED!!!

The most exciting news for us home bakers...the Cottage Food Act has passed! 
I got an email from Barbara Schmal tonight saying this...

"I am happy to tell you I was following the bill and the Senate Passed the Cottage Food Act.  All that has to be done is next Friday the House and Senate vote on it than it goes to the Governor.  Teddi Creamer told me this is just a formality and Friday is the last day of the session and this is normal.  The Cottage Food Act will become a law once the Governor signs it and it will be effective July 1, 2011.
Thank you to everyone that helped and supported me and kept me going.  WE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

So, who's ready to bake those "Thank you" cakes for the representatives and senators?! I know I am!

Mark your calendars ladies and gentlemen...July 1, 2011!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Meeting Tonight

Just a reminder that our monthly meeting is tonight!

If you plan on attending, read the previous post to see what's going on tonight and also what to bring.

Again, we will be serving up some goodies. We'll also be showing and telling about cake tools, recently made treats (cakes, cookies, etc.) and upcoming events.

Hope to see you all at 7 o'clock!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

April's Meeting

One more week until our next meeting. I know it seems like it just last week when we were getting ready for March's meeting...well, because our meeting was just last week! But we had to move April's meeting up because the library needs all the rooms later in the month. 

At our last meeting we were discussing different tools and thought it would be great for everyone to bring their favorite, most useful, or unique tool in their collection (come on, there's no denying you have a "collection")! So, please come prepared to show and tell this month! I know one tool I will be bringing and it looks a little like this...

Okay, so it looks exactly like that.
Played with one yet? Here's your opportunity!

Plus, as usual, we will be sharing treats. If you would like to bring something (to show off your talent or just use us as guinea pigs), please feel free!

See you all on Thursday, April 14th!

Monday, April 4, 2011

I.C.E.D. Cake Competition

For those of you that missed our last meeting and could not attend the I.C.E.D. Cake Competition, I have added all the pictures here for your viewing pleasure! You're welcome!

There were many lovely wedding cakes, cupcakes, and gumpaste accessories to see. Our very own member, Patrice entered her signature piece, a mask, along with some gorgeous flowers and a beautiful pearl necklace (not to mention the stand) into the professional category for the wedding accessories, and she took home the Grand Prize! Congratulations was well deserved! Just look how amazing her piece was...

A newcomer to cake competitions, Angela Schnellbach, took home the top 3 awards, Wedding Dress Cake Professional Grand Prize, Decorator's Choice, and People's Choice. Beautiful cake, perfectly detailed! See for yourself...

Here's a list of all the winners from the competition:

Cupcake 2nd Runner Up = 706 Christy Hormel
Cupcake 1st Runner Up = 702 Sherry Goolsby
Cupcake Grand Prize = 703 Sherry Goolsby

Wedding Accessories Novice 2nd Runner Up = 604 Mary Santos
Wedding Accessories Novice 1st Runner Up = 603 Mary Santos
Wedding Accessories Novice Grand Prize = 601 Marlene Callahan

Wedding Accessories Advanced 1st Runner Up = 502 Jennifer Gigler
Wedding Accessories Advanced Grand Prize = 500 Sophia Bryant

Wedding Accessories Pro 2nd Runner Up = 408 Roxanne Moore
Wedding Accessories Pro 1st Runner Up = 404 Norma Hernandez
Wedding Accessories Pro Grand Prize = 403 Patrice Drinkard

Wedding Dress Cake Novice 2nd Runner Up = 312 Joyce Osorio-Pinto
Wedding Dress Cake Novice 1st Runner Up = 304 Martha Chrinos Teruel
Wedding Dress Cake Novice Grand Prize = 303 Marlene Callahan

Wedding Dress Cake Adv. 2nd Runner Up = 205 Janine Picone
Wedding Dress Cake Adv. 1st Runner Up = 207 Diane Williams
Wedding Dress Cake Adv. Grand Prize = 210 Amita Singh

Wedding Dress Cake Pro 2nd Runner Up = 110 Roxanne Moore
Wedding Dress Cake Pro 1st Runner Up = 104 Pam Greenwell
Wedding Dress Cake Pro Grand Prize = 115 Angela Schnellbach

Decorator's Choice = 115 Angela Schnellbach
People's Choice = 115 Angela Schnellbach

Congratulations to all who entered and thanks to the hosts, Melanie Judge and Lisa Menz for creating such an amazing event!

And if you can't wait for next year, the theme has been decided...

It's a Masquerade Ball!

The dates have already been announced, March 31st and April 1st, 2012. That's right, next year will be a two day event. So get ready for that! Also next year, they are planning on adding a children's/youth category.

If you want to stay updated, you can check out their blog or Facebook page.

Can't wait to see what next year will bring!