Thursday, April 7, 2011

April's Meeting

One more week until our next meeting. I know it seems like it just last week when we were getting ready for March's meeting...well, because our meeting was just last week! But we had to move April's meeting up because the library needs all the rooms later in the month. 

At our last meeting we were discussing different tools and thought it would be great for everyone to bring their favorite, most useful, or unique tool in their collection (come on, there's no denying you have a "collection")! So, please come prepared to show and tell this month! I know one tool I will be bringing and it looks a little like this...

Okay, so it looks exactly like that.
Played with one yet? Here's your opportunity!

Plus, as usual, we will be sharing treats. If you would like to bring something (to show off your talent or just use us as guinea pigs), please feel free!

See you all on Thursday, April 14th!

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