Thursday, January 27, 2011

Moving In The Right Direction!

I have posted several times about the Cottage Laws and Barbara Schmal. My latest email from her said this...

"As you know I have been working on getting a Cottage Food Act implemented in Florida so we can have our own Home Baking Business.  Well, yesterday I received an email from the Department of Agriculture telling me that they sent me a copy of the recommendations that former Commissioner Charles Bronson sent to the speaker of the house.  Unfortunately, this was for the other law Florida Freedom Food Act for the farmers of our state.  But, they also said that the Cottage Food Act is a huge topic within the Dept of Agriculture.  So I thought there was hope. 
When I heard about the Commissioner sending his recommendations to the Speaker of the House, I decided to send Speaker Dean Cannon an email too.  He did in fact email me back which I sent a copy of that email to all of you.  Than I sent everyone that is on his committee an email too.  Well, today I received a phone call from Teddy Cramer who is on the committee for the Speaker of the House.  Teddy called me because she wanted to verify exactly what we were wanting.  I explained that we wanted to be able to have a small business from our homes selling baked goods to the consumer.  If we have to be inspected and licensed than that is what we will do, but, requiring a separate kitchen from our living quarters and a 3 compartment sink was a bit much.  Well, she told me that the committee and the speaker are going to submit to the senate that we are exempt from all requirements.  Meaning we can bake from home and won't need to be licensed or inspected.  Teddy was so excited that I brought this to Speaker Dean Cannons attention because no one on the committee knew it was illegal to bake from home and sell to the public and that bake sales would be illegal.  I told her we have a House Rep working on this for us but, was trying to find another State Rep to sponsor the bill and she said that this wasn't necessary because this is being submitted by the Speaker of the House to the senate.  Once the Senate reviews the Speakers recommendations and approves it than it goes to the Govenor to sign into law.
I asked her when will Legislation go back into session and she said in March.  She said she will call me with updates and if I don't hear from her in the next couple of weeks to call here anytime."

How exciting is this for home bakers? I'd say VERY!!! Can't wait to hear more updates in the future! If I do, I will post about it here.

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