Sunday, October 3, 2010

SAGNFL Meeting Review

For those who could not make it to Thursday's meeting, here's a little review...

We talked about the recent ICES Day of Sharing. It took place in Daytona Beach and everyone had a great time. We had a delicious breakfast, watched 4 demonstrations, viewed many cake displays, had a wonderful lunch, an exciting cake challenge, and lastly, a raffle drawing for some awesome prizes!
The four demonstrators were Filomena Koolman-Vos, sharing how to make the Ixora flower; Sidney Galpern, a 15 year old who impressed us all with her pulled sugar skills; Lisa Menz from Photo Frost, showing us many uses for icing sheets; and Ximena Sempertegui, who made the cutest baby pram (carriage) with a cool technique (maybe one we will practice at a later SAGNFL meeting).
Three of our SAGNFL members won prizes in the raffle, one of them being the grand prize...a new Kitchenaid mixer! Congratulations ladies! To see all the pictures, click here.

At our meeting, we also discussed Hero Bakers. Judy had a terrific time handing out our goodie bags and treats to all the birthday children! They were all so thankful and appreciative of the toys, cards, and candy they received. We also signed birthday cards to give to the kids for October's celebration.

We chatted about our upcoming projects for October. There will be 20 dozen cupcakes in the making (Good luck, Judy!), along with some celebration and Halloween cakes.

Another great meeting. Hope to see you all later this month, just before Halloween!

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